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Mosra Enerji Limited has being a player in Nigeria mineral resources development through exploration and mining activities. We offer high standard services in implementation of safety transmission and distribution system that supply electricity effectively and steadily, from conceptual engineering through to construction and commissioning. Our focus is targeted towards energy loss reduction and cost effective system.

Key services and skills include:

  • Exploration and mining
  • Transmission and distribution line design 
  • Power system design and engineering
  • All aspects of Substation Design and Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Line Routing and Arrangement
  • Basic and Detailed Design
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Tender Documents
  • Design Control
  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Commissioning Tests
  • High Voltage Substation Solutions
  • Protection and Control
  • Equipment Specification
  • Layout and Bus Design

From feasibility studies, route selection, right of way/easement acquisition, and permitting through final design to construction and final inspection, Mosra has exceptional capabilities to provide the expertise necessary to successfully complete both underground and overhead transmission projects with distribution, communication and substation components. Our staff project experience has varied from sub-transmission through 345 KV and includes a wide range of design and construction approaches.
Our firms experience includes a wide range of voltage levels for new, upgraded, and repaired facilities. The installation of foundations, lattice steel, tubular steel, wood pole structures, conductor and fibre optic ground wire and cables is our core expertise.
Our staff has experience studying feasibility and providing preliminary and final designs for lines with a wide variety of foundation, structure and configuration types. Each project has its own unique challenges, and special designs have been developed for projects with widely varying foundation, climate, and terrain conditions. Mosra Enerji own specialized transmission line construction equipment regardless of size or scope. We also deploy specialized transmission computer programs including SAG10, PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, PLS-TOWER, PLS-SAPS, CAISSON, and LPILE. Dalkiranlar has the expertise and the equipment to get the job done.

Since inception, Mosra has applied its fully-integrated engineering, procurement and construction skills to its distribution work.
We perform both new plant installation and URD cable replacement on a scale matched by few other indigenous contractors. Our method of installation includes trenching, cable plowing and directional boring.
We have extensive experience in the installation of all "dry utilities" on new plant development. This work includes complete installation of not only electric distribution facilities, but also natural gas, telecommunications (including fiber optic cable), and cable television facilities in a shared trench.
Mosra is a Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) contractor with International alliances. That means Mosra has the ability to secure a qualified labour force anywhere in the world.
In addition, its relationship with various national and international manufacturers and suppliers help Mosra procure the necessary materials needed for a project.

Mosra has the experience and resources to complete substation construction projects on schedule and within expectations of quality and safety.
Our Engineers have completed substations of up to 500 KV from site preparation through energizing, substation testing and maintenance including power transformers, switch-gear from 600 V to 35 KV, overhead and industrial switches, reclosers, relays, breakers and regulators for several utilities and industrial customers. We are skilled in control wiring, equipment testing, bus welding and other facets of substation work. We have also performed design/build turnkey projects for substations of 69 KV and above. Mosra has the right engineers, project managers and field personnel to complete any project.

Our test engineers and technicians have extensive experience in all aspects of equipment testing and maintenance. From protection and controls to transformers, switch-gear, and breakers .
Testing and maintenance services have included 34.5 kVA“ 230 kV oil circuit breaker testing and maintenance, including bushing power factor, conductor, time travel, speed adjustments and other tests associated with maintenance activities.
Power transformer testing and maintenance for transformers up to 80 MVA and 230 kV LTC testing and maintenance and metal-clad breaker testing and maintenance.
We offer testing services for start-up and commissioning or regular maintenance. Our testing group is ready to assist you in your testing, start-up and maintenance needs.

Mosra provides all advisory services in the power industry, from the development phase to commissioning of the station. These include technical and commercial viability studies, technical due diligence, plant insurance survey, plant performance testing, plant enhancements studies and implementation of best operating practices, project financial modelling, tariff planning and analysis, advisory Services in power project bid preparation, preparation of project agreements, design & engineering of the plant for development phase, preparation of RFP and technical specifications for Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) bidding and EPC negotiations, preparation of RFP, review, negotiation and finalization project agreements.
Our Engineering and consulting services are based on production, safety and energy efficiency analyses of machines and systems. In addition, we provide consulting and development services for processes, IT, automation and personnel competence.
As our customer, you can utilize various measurement services, criticality and risk surveys, and usability and operational reliability analyses, as well as a variety of safety and environmental services. We have everything you need to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Internationally, coal is currently the most widely used primary fuel, accounting for approximately 40% of the world's electricity production. This situation is likely to remain until at least 2020.
Nigeria is endowed with abundant coal reserve of the required quality necessary for power generation and with the support of the Nigerian Government particularly via the "Coal to Power Program", we have identified huge reserves of coal sufficient to generate power for at least 50 years.
Mosra Enerji has aligned with the current administration’s plan to generate 30 per cent of electricity needed in the country from coal.
Consequently, we have obtained coal exploration Licenses in eight sites in Nigeria. we are currently working on developing these coal properties exclusively for power generation.

Mosra offers fully integrated planning, engineering, design, and technical services. We successfully deliver all types of electrical and communications solutions to some of the most challenging projects in the industry.
Our talented engineers and planners work out of our Headquarters in Abuja and other remote sites within Nigeria. Our team has acquired a broad range of expertise and experience from undertaking projects throughout the Nation. From small-scale design-build work to large-scale multi-million projects, our approach is the same: customer-focused, value driven and innovative.

Mosra offers the following engineering, planning and design services

  • Generation Engineering 
  • Transmission Systems
  • Substation/Switching Station
  • Distribution Design 
  • Communications
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Services
  • Powerline Inspection

Mosra Enerji has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide and administer a wide variety of construction services. Mosra Enerji is prepared to meet all of the construction challenges that any environment may present.
Pre-construction Services:

  • Estimating and budget tracking
  • Proactive design partnership
  • Value management
  • Pre-planning 

Project Execution:

  • Development scheduling
  • Field productivity/labour management
  • Material procurement and staging 
  • Budget tracking/forecasting 
  • Construction Inspection
  • Underground and Overhead Distribution System Inspection and Inventories 

Project Closeout:

  • Electronic documentation
  • Pre-commissioning and testing
  • Training
  • Complete labour & manufacturer’s warranties 


12 Adamu Attah Close, Zone B Extension, Apo, Abuja.


Email: info@mosraenerji.com
Phone: +2347046349956


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